Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Guernsey’s first water source heat pump!

We switched on Guernsey’s first water source heat pump. This system, powered by QuaarQ technology, developed and installed by E-Si heated radiators and hot water by circulating water through a ground source heat pump heat exchanger in what we call LTB’s (Low Temperature water Buffers), into the HTB (High Temperature Buffer), and then into the home. This is a bespoke design and now operational can be duplicated in many other homes not just in Guernsey, but across the world. Yet again we have installed advanced tech with the help of Ice Energy, our staff and most importantly our customers.

Looking for bubbles in Glycol
Gaggle of vans
Finishing Touches
Paul examines LTB's
HP Room

Monday, 25 October 2010

First Mitsubishi modulating ground source heat pump installation in Guernsey

First Mitsubishi modulating ground source heat pump installation in Guernsey and second in Channel Islands, Paul Fletcher CEO E-Si Ltd, is completing the plant room install.  Modulating heat pumps ensure flexibility in design and higher efficiency than other types of heat pumps. This is also a first for our partners Ice Energy in UK.

Paul Fletcher CEO working on hydronics
10 x 33m slinkies, one metre deep in the back garden of a home in St Andrew’s Guernsey.

System to be commissioned in two weeks time, the main controller, a Dataterm intelligent heating control will match the high efficiency of the Mitsubishi GSHP, making it the most efficient ground source heat pump package available in the world.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

What’s the Payback? Postcard replys.

We have sent out 3000 postcards, if you receive one, fill in the three answers to what you believe the 'Payback' to be and either scan and send us the postcard, or post it to us.

Following our distribution of our What's the payback? postcards.  We have received some interesting, thoughtful and mixed answers to the question.  We will be posting the replys we've received here on our blog.
Here are some of the answers we've received..........

 If you've received a postcard fill it and send it off and if you haven't you can download one off our website by visiting http://www.e-si.com/payback.html
Competition Rules

Competition Closes 8pm 11th November.

Valid name, tel. no and email address.
You can enter as many times as you like.
Your entries will be posted on our 'What's the payback?' Facebook, Twitter, Website and Blog.
All contact details will be hidden from the public.
Winners living in Channel Islands other than Guernsey will be offered £50 towards their travel expenses to Guernsey.
Winners outside of the Channel Islands will be offered £100 towards their travel expenses to Guernsey.
The trip to Sark remains free of charge.
A winner living in Sark will get the tour of Clos Bourel, but a trip to Guernsey instead plus free lunch for two and a tour of our installations in Guernsey!
No immediate spouses, family members or partners of employees or employees can enter.
In the case where we have more than one set of correct answers, we will pull the winner out of a hat.
If there is a case where no-one gets all three questions, but say 2 out 3 correct, that will be the winner. If there is more than one set of answers in this respect, we will also pick the winner from a hat.

All final rulings by competition judge Paul Fletcher, CEO, E-Si Limited.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Energy from Nuclear Fusion?

La Société Guernesiaise are holding a lecture om Energy from Nuclear fusion........

Astronomy Section

Public Lecture

Energy from Nuclear Fusion?

Dr David Falla, Department of Physics, Aberystwyth University

Monday 25th October 2010

8.00 pm at the Frossard Centre, Candie Gardens

It is generally believed that nuclear fusion occurs in the central region of the Sun, and is the primary source of the Sun’s light and heat radiation.

What progress has been made so far in thermonuclear research; and what are the prospects of building a nuclear fusion reactor that would provide a plentiful and controllable supply of energy for the future?

Dr David Falla is one of the founding members of La Societe Guernesiaise Astronomy Section. Dr Falla obtained his PhD at the University of Bristol and then held research posts at Manchester and London (Queen Mary College). He has now retired from a lectureship at the University of Wales (Aberystwyth), where he is currently an honorary lecturer in the Institute of Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

For further information, please contact Colin Spicer on 721997

Friday, 1 October 2010

Pauls Blog - New ecodans installed at shoreham kent.

Removal of the back panel for changeover
Hi-tech heating in the raw
Thanks to the Matt the 
Mount team for assisting
with biggest
heating recall in history!