Wednesday, 27 April 2011

HYBRID Solar Heating and Air Source Heat Pump for Swimming Pool, UFH and Hot Water.

Commencement of a HYBRID Solar Heating for Swimming Pool, UFH and Hot Water with ASHP
Our client dug the trenches for us, pool plant in background.

  Paul helping Jamie insulate the pipes. We were not happy with the solution provided to us by a supplier so we devised an innovative new solar piping run for long distances.

 Basically we were provided some great pipe by hydraquip, but felt somewhat ripped off by their DIY insulation attempt which was supposed to be beyond building regs! Not. Okay for inside an insulated space in the home, but not for a bare attic or underground as suggested by the web info an pic. We are double insulating and wrapping the highly insulated pipe in a 90mm one-piece plastic duct from plant room to solar plant.

The solar thermal panels come from Sundwel in Sunderland, designed and built by my old friend Keith. We have not done a lot of these but have been supplying and installing this model for over 6 years. I have identical ones on my roof at home. The frame was built out of old greenhouse timbers disguising its age and function!

We had to create a 100m run of solar/heat pump pipe, across an underneath greenhouse land. This is a major engineering job!

We like these valves with MI and FI ends, 1", able to directly fit solar 1"
couplings to go to stainless steel pipe. This type of pipe will withstand high temperatures should there be a failure of the system.

Plant room under construction by Paul Fletcher (author).

Evening sets in. Time to go home.

Certain bits of equipment such as the duct from France had not been delivered by Easter - the deadline for heated water - so we piped up over land temporarily.

Solar energy, snaking its way through the grass, like a subversive oil line.

Fionn, Renewable Energy Engineer, suffering in the high heat of Thursday 21st April, half way through the day and just a few hours to the switch on deadline.

Completed, Dave, Tech Manager and Fionn, commission the system electrically.

Hurrah said the resident peacocks.

More Stunning Technology from E-Si

New innovation with New techniques utilising Stainless Steel pipe, flexi connectors, interconnecting service valves, deaerators, and TF1s. Also includes our first 'Control Room in a Box' with indicators so customers and engineers can see what is going on. This will lead to 'Plant Rooms in a Box'.

This is the first of our new solar thermal innovations with modulating heat pump.

Eradicates the need for inefficient heat or 'thermal' stores. Locally, flying in the face of conventional wisdom where many people have installed Ecostores in Guernsey homes.

Our poor experiences with thermal stores such as 'heatstor' 'ecostor', 'Powertanks' and our own thermal buffers have led us to obviate the buffer - in the case. In some cases they are still required in cases where there is a lack of heat energy at peak use time. However careful design can 'design out' the requirement.

Project Bramble Cottage, Guernsey's second Ground Source Heat Pump.

Commencement of a new project combined with an old project the second Ground Source Heat Pump in Guernsey being moved to make way for an extention.

August 2006, the ground works start.

The panels arrive ready to be installed in the trenches.

September 2006, the panels go in.
Ground works complete.

After 5 years happy operation the heat pump which was temporarily housed in an outdoor closet is being drained down for installation in its final resting place. We are all waiting for the water to drain!!! A lovely hot Guernsey sunny day April 23rd 2011.

Project Bramble Cottage: Guernsey April 23rd 2011. The old extension is being demolished, the new about to be built. We are still waiting for the water to drain out of the 160L hot water 'shell tank'! The 7 Kilowatt output Mitsubishi compressor and the IVT steel hot water tank was Heavy and needed
4 people to carry the unit. Once reinstalled it will run happily for another
15 long years.

Draining an IVT type C Heat Pump

As we had to move HP from shed to inside we had to drain all water out of the internal HW cyl to make the HP 200kg lighter!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Proposed Solar PV's for Royal Bank of Canada.

We are currently acting as consultants for Royal Bank of Canada with a view to installing somewhere between 2kW and 5kW of solar photovoltaics. We are looking at ‘Solyndra’ solar PVs, a new solar innovation (cylindrical modules) or ‘BP Solar’ PVs (standard flat panel modules). BP are the largest solar company in the world, and whichever wins the contract we will be very happy to be associated with them.

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Friday, 8 April 2011

Good news, E-Si are now the Channel Islands agent for Solyndra!

Clean and Economical Solar Power from Your Large Rooftop

Solyndra’s solar power solutions offer strong return on investment and make great business sense. Their cylindrical technology was designed for the rooftop and offers the benefit of light weight, low cost and the fastest, easiest installation of any solar technology. In more than 1000 installations around the world our customers are converting underutilized rooftop space into clean energy from the sun.