Thursday, 22 November 2012

Our PV System!

We have a small PV system out the front of E-SI HQ and we have the ability to monitor our PV's output at any given time. Even though it's only four panels we can generate a decent amount of electricity that makes a great difference to our power needs.

Our current reading (pictured below) shows the Panels are generating 570W which would be enough to cater for all our computers and some of our lighting. So it goes to show even the smallest size PV system will even give great benefits immediately, not to mention today is a cloudy day in Autumn!

We are also able to monitor some of our clients systems to. Below are screen grabs of 3 separate systems with total energy generated so far today, these PV systems are obviously much larger then ours and generating some decent energy!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

E-Si's Latest PV Install

Pictures of our latest PV install at a town house in St Peter Port, Guernsey.  We installed a massive 8.8kW of a new type of modulating Solar PV. This comes with default internet connection so power output can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

The power output of the PV's can be viewed on the internet and also shows the equivalent of energy generated and CO2 offset.

Total Energy generated today!

Monday, 10 September 2012

The E-Si Team make a trip over to Sark to install 8.5kW of Solar Photovoltaics.

The team on the way to Sark to install 8.5kW of Solar Photovoltaic.
It was a 5.45am start, so the boat allowed for some much needed catch up on some kip!

Bus then bicycles was our mode of transport in Sark.
The 3.8kW Array frames go in on the South Facing chicken shed.
Testing the batteries for creating second island grid at Clos Bourel. 48V config to Trace 4.5kW inverter which grid connect and export to our grid. In this case we are the Grid Managers!
3.8kW solar PV system in Sark, far chicken shed, Clos Bourel, 1 hour from being commissioned...

Jack from Sales Team joins the Installer team for PV install experience.

PV Runners all up by the 2.5Kw team. Panels on next.

Technical Assistant Sue taking a pic of the 3.8kW team. Which team will get their PV up first??!

Craig driving a Sark tractor to move the tested batteries to new battery shed location!
PV install is Go. This is Sam Trainee REE battening out for the 1.2kW array.
Hive of activity from the Sharp Thin Film team 2.5kW.

The 3.8kW panels being fitted to the runners.

3.8kW solar pic, looking good. We had a shortening window and by that time needed to be off site on boat by 6pm, so it left us an 1hr 45mns to complete.

The team had 3/4hr left before departure and 1 hour before the 2.8kW system goes live. Time was of the essence!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Heat Pumps, PV's and HeatKubes!

We are having our busiest August ever, with two 8.5kW solar photovoltaic installs going on at same time (17kW Total)(that used to be 1kW a year!). 

 We are building 2 x HeatKubes in our workshop for immediate install, we have a further 12 more HeatKubes to build and install next few months.

We have almost completed our first Loxone home automation system, controlling a bespoke design of dehum and pool heating in Fort George. This latter install is unique in the world, being the most efficient way of heating and controlling moisture ever.

Its not been easy, on all fronts we have been innovating hard with steep learning curves. Just sourcing the right kind of sensors has been fun, pulling in from the US and France as few UK distributors have the right products. 

In the photos below you can see a massive 2 x 14kW of Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pumps connecting in through our bespoke design buffer system allowing the legacy radiator system to not interfere with the modern electronic heat pump controls. In Total we have a high performance 28kW of heat pumps to heat hot water, radiators and a small UFH circuit. 

The photos of the roof below show the stainless steel slate hooks with 'Hall Clip' solar flashing to which overall across two roofs, 8.8kW of a new type of modulating solar PV will be installed. This comes with default internet connection so power output can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Paul goes on the Noveols 1st English speaking Wind Turbine course in France

E-Si CEO Paul Fletcher has just finished the Noveol wind turbine course in Poitiers, France.  Paul said "Noveol is a really novel system, combining Darius and Savonius wind turbine blades enabling low start up speeds without assist."

On the course Paul found out how a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine really works and how to calculate wind power derived from swept area.  On the last day of the course everyone was treated to a tour of the factory, learning all about the component parts and also seeing the assembly process which Paul says "made a lot of sense".

In conclusion Paul said "We have a wind turbine we can sell and market that we know will operate, with good service back up."

Friday, 11 May 2012

Technical Services Launch

E-Si launches a new business venture today, capitalising on the experience of more then 20 years of installing, servicing and maintaining mechanical and electrical systems across the Channel Islands.

Paul Fletcher CEO of E-Si said, "We have tried a lot of innovative product and techniques over the years from Power Tanks to heat pumps, solar heating, Thermal Stores, Solar Photovoltaic's and Wind Turbines. Mostly it worked well but sometimes it did not and so we made it work!". Renewable Energy, heating and power systems is a core engineering focus for E-Si Limited who have been trading in one form or another since 1991.

E-Si found they were getting calls from new customers about heating and plumbing installations by others and that the general public needed help with 'legacy systems'. "I recognised our one-man-tech-team was running around from dawn till dusk fixing stuff and recognised there was a market opportunity". Solar panels, heat pumps and condensing boilers have now been on the market for years now and a lot of different types have been installed by a lot of different people. They need service and maintenance, and whilst the installation may have gone okay the company is coming across many operational problems and with their long, strong experience and engineering talent are able to fix stuff that others cannot or do not wish to.

The renewable energy company has recruited two additional staff to assist Dave Thomas, Technical Services Manager. The cornerstone of E-Si, fondly known as 'Tech', have diverse skills in electronics, hydronics, refrigeration and mechanical engineering with fundamental understanding and training in plumbing and heating techniques, able to service solar systems to heat pumps and troubleshoot controls down to component level if necessary. These Renewable Energy Engineers have experiences from other industries and disciplines from RAF to computer manufacturing and Electrical Engineering in Hospitals!

Dave Thomas, Tech Manager says "I am really looking forward to the technical challenges ahead. Myself and the team really enjoy getting involved in issues no-one else can fix and making the customer happy!".

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Latest Web Kube install by E-Si.

The latest Web Kube installed and operating in clients home.  The Web Kube is essentially the plant room for a heating system in a box, the box is mounted on a wall and connected to wire back pumps, actuators and sensors.  It can electronically monitor pressure, temperature, flow and efficiency of a heat pump. It has flow temperature controllers that control the heat pump temperature according to indoor and outdoor temperature and modulates speed/output of the heat pump.

The Web Kube has what is called a Dataterm Control which optimises on/off and setback time and temperature of the house.  This system connects to the internet and home automation systems in the house.

The Heat Kube is designed, engineered and fabricated by E-Si.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Heat Kube Prototype

We are currently developing plant rooms in a box to specifically work in conjunction with Air Source Heat Pumps, the plantroom in a box will make the installation easier, cheaper and better. Eradicating PTFE and using new deaeration techniques.

Heat Kube prototype is under pressure test in our workshop ready to be shipped out.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

E-Si's latest Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump install.

Heat Pumps final position.
The Plantroom Setup

The final controls setup.
And the final plantroom setup, all lagged.

Oil boiler out, Heat Pump in, good move and another happy customer.