Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Paul's blog: The bike goes to Jersey

Waiting at the ferry taking the bike over to Jersey for energy efficient customer care!

 Yamaha 600 XJN, I'm going to leave it at the airport so I don't need to get picked up so we can save time, money, and fuel!

My mission that day was to assist Dave (REE) set up the controls for the Mitsubishi Ground Source Heat Pump (first in Channel Islands), which got quite intense resolving issues such as finding the supposed internal logic that was to provide a delay to the ground loop pump interlock. Mits Tech told us they weren’t sure what the delay was, but we found there was none. This means we have to go back again and wire in our own timers. Issue was that the modulating start-up fed back and shut down the system before the ground loop pump had a chance to operate the interlock!

I was also due to go and see a client the other side of the island. The sun was to shine at the weekend, it did! However x amount of rain fell in x hours and i was in it. I would have been better off with a kayak. At one point i was riding down a river 100mm deep the length the road as far as i could see, and every 20 metres or so the water piled up in deep parts of the road to half a metre.

I got to town by the seat of my (wet) pants and i turned right, into relative dryness, and the water turned left. I windered where the hell it went. Next day i read the paper and saw the flooded homes.


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Away day in Sark 20/08/2010

On Friday, the E-Si team went to Sark for a training day and to carry out some general maintenance on our largest project there. The site is a free range chicken farm which aims to be self sustainable, supplying it's own vegetables and creating it's own energy.

It is the longest running project for the company and it's the perfect place for educating our Renewable Energy Engineers.

We arrived in Sark around 7.30am with a number of tools and parts needed for the days work.

We picked up some bikes from the Avenue Cycle Hire shop and headed to the site. Tools and parts were taken by tractor and met us there.

Our engineers arrived at the site and were given a tour and a brief history of the system by Paul Fletcher (CEO).

The E-Si team have been working on the site for a number of years updating the technology, adding to and maintaining the plant room.
A set of photo-voltaic panels generate electricity for the farm & charge up batteries specially housed within the plant room.

For hot water and heating, there is a Mitsubishi air-source heat pump which runs off the electricity provided by the batteries charged from the Solar PVs. Air source heat pumps use the cool air from outside and converts it into hot water. As the electricity is made from the panels, this method makes it completely clean from carbon emissions and fuel consumption such as oil, gas and coal.

Project manager Craig explains to Fionn and Seb some of the works to be carried out in the day.
Our electricians and hydronics engineers tended to the plant room and ensured everything was running smoothly, updating and cleaning things out where needed.

The day also gave room for our engineers to cross their disciplines. Renewable Energy Engineer Seb, who specialises in carpentry, was given the opportunity to learn and carry out some basic plumbing under the guidance of Liam.
Design aspects of the system and possible additions such as Wind power were discussed.
Richard, Paul and Dave discussed some of the technical and mechanical solutions that they would need to apply to adding turbines to the system.

Carpenter Seb installed some shelves to help with organisation within the plant room.

Maintenance and safety checks were carried out on the batteries.

The day served as great education and a valuable experience for the entire team. Each member was able to discuss and share their knowledge in their own specialisms. They worked together to gain greater understanding of the system and can take this on and apply it to each job we do.


Monday, 16 August 2010

Current Project: Henley

A quick look at one of our latest projects.

Renewable Energy Engineer Liam engineering the hydronics for the Solar Sun Tubes.
Renewable Energy Engineers Jamie & Seb moving the Solar PVs ready for installation.
Project Manager Craig, Mr Henley & Paul Fletcher (CEO) going over the finer points of the install.