Friday, 11 May 2012

Technical Services Launch

E-Si launches a new business venture today, capitalising on the experience of more then 20 years of installing, servicing and maintaining mechanical and electrical systems across the Channel Islands.

Paul Fletcher CEO of E-Si said, "We have tried a lot of innovative product and techniques over the years from Power Tanks to heat pumps, solar heating, Thermal Stores, Solar Photovoltaic's and Wind Turbines. Mostly it worked well but sometimes it did not and so we made it work!". Renewable Energy, heating and power systems is a core engineering focus for E-Si Limited who have been trading in one form or another since 1991.

E-Si found they were getting calls from new customers about heating and plumbing installations by others and that the general public needed help with 'legacy systems'. "I recognised our one-man-tech-team was running around from dawn till dusk fixing stuff and recognised there was a market opportunity". Solar panels, heat pumps and condensing boilers have now been on the market for years now and a lot of different types have been installed by a lot of different people. They need service and maintenance, and whilst the installation may have gone okay the company is coming across many operational problems and with their long, strong experience and engineering talent are able to fix stuff that others cannot or do not wish to.

The renewable energy company has recruited two additional staff to assist Dave Thomas, Technical Services Manager. The cornerstone of E-Si, fondly known as 'Tech', have diverse skills in electronics, hydronics, refrigeration and mechanical engineering with fundamental understanding and training in plumbing and heating techniques, able to service solar systems to heat pumps and troubleshoot controls down to component level if necessary. These Renewable Energy Engineers have experiences from other industries and disciplines from RAF to computer manufacturing and Electrical Engineering in Hospitals!

Dave Thomas, Tech Manager says "I am really looking forward to the technical challenges ahead. Myself and the team really enjoy getting involved in issues no-one else can fix and making the customer happy!".