Wednesday, 26 January 2011

E-Si Innovative Heating Upgrade

Paul working on the spanners in run up to Christmas.

E-Si innovative rad upgrade using tectites and unipipe for best flexibility in jointing and fast installation reducing risk for water leakage and fire issue for home and installer.

Unipipe up through floor, jointed to tectites under. Using Unipipe insert connectors to rads similar to UFH methodology.

  The connection underfloor, minimising issues.

As its standard white Unipipe you don't even have to paint the pipe.
In this case we were able to extend the copper directly into unipipe and create rock solid unipipe joints underfloor in seconds, then tee into the rads using Unipipe inserts. Robust, fast, simple.
The conversion from copper to Unipipe in one easy joint.

Renewable Engineer Richard and Trainee REE Seb discussing the finer points of the plant room with CEO Paul Fletcher.

Jamie and Fionn finalising the controls.

A finished radiator = comfort from Renewables.

Setting up timings with trainee REE watching and learning.