Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Paul's blog: Energy Savings Trust UK Heat Pump Study

I read the Guardian's report on the Energy Savings Trust's Heat Pump Study, that was published earlier today, they claimed that heat pumps 'fail as green devices'. Whilst I agree there some sub-par heat pumps out there, and badly installed, I don’t agree with the conclusion that they are not renewable energy devices.

What is required is a standard of COP, and operational criteria that qualifies the device as renewable energy powered. This is the reason why we use Mitsubishi. Its great isn’t it that the first time ever the planet can utilise renewable energy on a mass scale for heating that it gets dissed by green socialists, seemingly working on behalf of the oil companies.

A matter of minutes after I read the Guardian article, I read a Tweet from Dave Sowden.
"EST trial proves Heat pumps can perform well but specification, installation and usage are important - #fb"
The link he posts outlines a report by Micro Power, which gives a far better analysis of the findings from the study. This is a must read to truly understand how Heat Pumps work as renewable energy devices.

It's part of the solar thermal versus heat pump/PVs debate which has no winners. We should be addressing the issue from all possible corners in the most appropriate way for the particular customer and particular building according to budget available.

Paul Fletcher


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