Monday, 20 December 2010

Pauls Blog: Henley Heat pump reinstall.

Because of the rainy weather I had an opportunity to fabricate necessary pipe work and valves in Mr Henley's new workshop! I was the proud first person to use the work bench.

As we have been upping the quality of our installs and I intended to change the Fernox Boiler buddies for Fernox TF1 dirt separator I had the opportunity to change the pipework and valves and simpifly the install original plumbers installation - which I was never happy with.

We will be using lever valves from now on. Easier to operate, less sore muscles trying to turn butterfly ball valves. Not Pegler - the Crane valves are a beauty to install, use and look at. Higher quality higher price but well worth it. They are also 'Climate Change Ready' - they will withstand operation under the sea!!!

Because of the ease of fabricating in a workshop one of our aims is to fabricate hydronic systems in a workshop and take it to site once tested and link one-piece Unipipe runs at the site into our completed hydronics, saving mess, increasing quality and reducing the amount of 'standard' plumbing required. Was that 'sub-standard standard plumbing'??? Or is it all like that.

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