Friday, 11 February 2011



Eco-Homes and Eco-Developments

We are looking for partners to finance some eco-projects or an existing developer to co-develop truly advanced and real eco-houses (unlike some of those that purport to be so), from 50% Carbon Zero to 100% Carbon Zero to 120% Carbon Zero - what we call Carbon Zero+ Homes (homes that produce more energy than they use).

We want to partner in creating one-off homes, groups of 3 and up to 9 homes. We are not interested in low cost bottom end of market. We want to build high quality, technologically advanced, ecologically sound homes at differing levels of the market above low cost. The eco-builds could be new-build, conversions, renovations or apartments. They can appear on the outside and inside as normal as any other building or we can accentuate the eco-credentials by visual design.

We want our homes to be simple, aesthetic, easy to build or convert, high quality, with low running costs and easy to run, setting an example to builders, developers and architects on the island of Guernsey, Jersey, UK or France - and of course make a good profit.

We have an experienced team of expert Renewable Energy Engineers with core skills consisting of hydronics, electrical engineering, carpentry, and project management supported by our technical services department able to handle initial designs, the build itself, installations and post-build service and maintenance. We have access to architects and conveyancers who would work as members of the team internal to our organisation, keeping as much of the burdensome work within our directly managed framework. All of our staff are trained in eco-builds under our E-Si Academy umbrella.

We believe we can achieve a build only slightly more expensive than conventional builds, simply because our experience and understanding makes it possible to get every detail right first time, with everything integrated into the build from first design.

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