Monday, 10 September 2012

The E-Si Team make a trip over to Sark to install 8.5kW of Solar Photovoltaics.

The team on the way to Sark to install 8.5kW of Solar Photovoltaic.
It was a 5.45am start, so the boat allowed for some much needed catch up on some kip!

Bus then bicycles was our mode of transport in Sark.
The 3.8kW Array frames go in on the South Facing chicken shed.
Testing the batteries for creating second island grid at Clos Bourel. 48V config to Trace 4.5kW inverter which grid connect and export to our grid. In this case we are the Grid Managers!
3.8kW solar PV system in Sark, far chicken shed, Clos Bourel, 1 hour from being commissioned...

Jack from Sales Team joins the Installer team for PV install experience.

PV Runners all up by the 2.5Kw team. Panels on next.

Technical Assistant Sue taking a pic of the 3.8kW team. Which team will get their PV up first??!

Craig driving a Sark tractor to move the tested batteries to new battery shed location!
PV install is Go. This is Sam Trainee REE battening out for the 1.2kW array.
Hive of activity from the Sharp Thin Film team 2.5kW.

The 3.8kW panels being fitted to the runners.

3.8kW solar pic, looking good. We had a shortening window and by that time needed to be off site on boat by 6pm, so it left us an 1hr 45mns to complete.

The team had 3/4hr left before departure and 1 hour before the 2.8kW system goes live. Time was of the essence!

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