Friday, 8 February 2013

This Weeks Renewable Energy Project

We are currently working on a project in which we are installing 1 x 14kW Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump, 1 x 8.5kW Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump, 2 x HeatKubes, 1 x 100Ltr High Efficiency Hot Water Cylinder and 2.82kW of Solar Photovoltaics. Check out pics of the work in progress.

The Solar Photovoltaics fitted nicely on the shed roof.

The Heat Pump.

The HeatKube fit snugly in a cupboard in the centre.
And below the HeatKube, the HW Cylinder will also be hidden away!

The old boiler ready to be recycled. Boiler out, Heat Pump in!

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