Friday, 19 November 2010

Pauls Blog - Les Hubits Farm Survey

Paul Fletcher visited Les Hubits Farm today and studied the energy and farming cycles of the farm with a view to implementing a renewable energy strategy. The first concept ideas are to cool the milk and heat the hot water required for the parlour cleaning process. Any further heat generated from a Water Source Heat Pump by incoming water from borehole would be diverted to heat the home’s hot water on 24hr standby.

On examination of the slurry pit it was thought we could use the slurry pit to obtain heat for the water source heat pump. We would divert between the borehole and the slurry pit depending upon heat source available and channel the slurry heat into the nearby home.

Cows and Slurry Collection
The Slurry Pit

Food Store


Milk Cooler

Milk Transfer Container

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