Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Radiator Upgrade

This is a typical issue with old central heating systems, badly fitted connection under floor gradually leaking for many years.  This leads to air in the system and to early boiler and radiator failure.

Paul connecting the hydronic supply to a new radiator at Millvues St Martins, Guernsey. We have just insulated loft and eaves spaces to increase comfort and efficiency now adding higher output and larger rads to increase comfort further. In turn this will make the condensing boiler we fitted 5 years ago work more efficiently.

Upgrading the oil condensing boiler connections to enable easy annual flushing and E-Si's bespoke easy fill, drain and air eradication system

Finished result

The new rad goes on

Heating and efficiency upgrade solution par excellence!

The filling loop exiting Air!

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