Thursday, 10 March 2011

1kW Wind Turbines

E-Si Ltd one of UGE's newest distributors.

A planning application is required in the normal way, there are no exemptions for wind turbines as solar. In Jersey there are exemptions but very narrow almost not worth having.

We have two 1kW UGE ‘Eddy’ turbines on their way from US for research and experiment to gauge their quality. A customer of ours is investing in them and taking the risk, if they work out we will go into partnership and promote them. We are UK agents at present, but UK-wise MCS approval is about a year away, but that does not affect us here.

Link to site: they are working very hard to be global leaders in ‘urban’ turbines, the truth will be in functionality, ease of install and robustness. We will know the answer shortly.

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