Friday, 11 March 2011

E-Si Projects: Installation of Hybrid Renewable Heating system at Malorey House

Malorey House (before the works) - one of the most energy efficient homes in Jersey

This interesting project was the first of its kind for E-Si because we're using many of our common techniques in this situation, the instalation of rads, underfloor heating, air handling unit, buffer tank and intelligent heating controls.  Although we have used all of these in many situations before it was our first opportunity to engineer the intergration of all of the systems together.  The lovely Malorey House property is part renovation part new build and now one of the most energy efficient homes in Jersey.

The air handler in the state we found it.
Our structured hot/cold water distribution system.
Heat pumps on the wall but not yet connected.
The un-finished plant room.
The original electrics in the plant room.
The finished product.
Plant room all commisioned and lagged with a refurbished air handler.
Underfloor heating and radiator manifolds.
More of the finished plant room.
The finished electrical controls.

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