Thursday, 17 March 2011

The latest hybrid Air Source Heat Pump install by E-Si.

Renewable Energy Engineer Jamie, was responsible for leading the team and handling customer liaison. The system comprises of Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump; integrated with back up oil boiler (customer says however "I never want to burn another drop of oil after this"); Central heating rads; Geminox 300 litre hot water tank; Geminox 300L solar preheat tank; Swimming pool and hot water can be heated by solar, ASHP or oil boiler; all controlled by Dataterm intelligent heating controllers, looking after ASHP or Oil Boiler needs; solar HW tank has a unique thermo control which says:
solar heat tank to high temp; solar heat tank to med temp'; solar heat HW tank not at all and heat all my pool.
The latest most sophisticated hybrid ASHP install achieved yet by E-Si.
Every time we install there's an evolution, a forward step into new ways of connecting stuff.
Glimpse the cleverly disguised solar system dwelling behind the lamp post, sitting between pitched roofs. A few days ago the solar water heated went to a nice 50C (end of February).

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