Friday, 6 May 2011

Completion of 1kW Pv installation at Le Clos Bourel, Sark.

The newly completed 1kW installation, there will be a concrete plinth poured later under the panels around the blocks. This method enable our 'Away Team' to achieve a quick install, allowing the local maintenance team to complete the building works later.
 Fionn and Connor, 'Renewable Energy Engineers', make final electrical connections having completed the mechanics, showing how important it is to be multi-disciplinary.
Fionn and Connor complete the mechanical installation of the BP Solar grid tie installation in Clos Bourel, Sark. This is a unique install, see next photos and Situation Reports.
The Grid Tie Inverter produced 420W at 5.15pm as last wire was attached, with some shadow from a nearby apple tree. In full sun the output will be around 900 to 1000 watts.

The latest newsletter from Sark Electricity. Very positive, but very interesting the tone that really oil is becoming a big issue. Why does the e in their logo look like ours?!!!
The digital thermostat showing the Air Source Heat Pump heated hot water temperature of 54C.

Air Source Heat Pump 4th May 2011. I remember changing this over in the cold windy winter on my own!!! (Paul Fletcher, author).
Over time the terminal on this battery corroded. Today I repaired it by cutting away the lead around the screw threaded stub and reconnected it.
The battery room of Clos Bourel, 24 x 2V BP Solar battery cells, making 48V DC, feeding a 230V AC output Trace Inverter.

The Trace inverter output from the batteries peaked at 17A under observation. The assistance from the Trace ('grid-tied') SMA Sunny Boy greatly assisted the battery powered inverter under great load, and maintained good stability.

The normal 'base load' of Clos Bourel, 2A at 230V AC, demonstrating a constant input of at least 460W of Renewables are required to power the property in the summer. All other Renewables and the batteries are required to overcome the peaks (17A at 230V AC = 3.9kW). The main Trace Inverter is rated 4.5kW. This does not include the ASHP which at max will consume 3.5kW (we have tested batteries and 4.5kW inverter under load and its good). And at min will be 1kW input, intermittent. The next stage is to introduce a 1kW wind turbine to deal with the ASHP load specifically.

The beautiful and awe inspiring walk from the top of Sark down the hill to the Harbour.

CEO of E-Si and the Captain of the Sark boat (see in bridge) leaves the harbour.

Fionn the thoughtful on his way through the paradise of the channel islands. After a good days work in Sark back to Guernsey.

Approaching St Peter Port.


  1. What does the newsletter refer to where it says about Southampton University students? What kind of research have they been doing do you know? I'm curious as I'm a Soton uni student (art school though).

    Good to see things looking good at Clos Bourel!

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