Thursday, 5 May 2011

Jacks Blog: Le Clos Bourel and Sark away day.

I recently visited E-Si's R&D site, the Clos Bourel Energy Project in Sark to help build an alluminium frame for some Solar Photovoltaics.  Although it's not out of the norm to find me occasionaly on site, I am mostly always at the E-Si offices, so it was exciting as well as educational and interesting for me to take to the tools and best of all visit a small beautiful island as a bonus!

The jobs in hand for the day were constructing the frame for the Pv's and erect two wind turbines.

The team arrive on Sark and await the tractor coach to pick us up.

Renewable Energy Engineer Dave preparing the 1st Wind Turbine.

REE Fionn sorting cables for connection of turbine.

And the first one is up.

Fionn preparing the second.

Paul begins work on the frame.
Myself bolting the frame to the temporary concrete blocks.  The eventual plan is to have a concrete plinth poured later under the panels around the blocks.

 Solar panels by BP

The team discussing the next stage.

Panels already previosly installed on site by E-Si.

Back home to a much larger island.

Very enjoyable day and quite "Sark burnt" at the end of it.  Works to complete installation of turbines and panels are still required, expect some more bloggage on this soon.


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