Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Completion of HYBRID Heating for Swimming Pool.

Paul "in the trenches" studying the new innovative high temperature pipework design by E-Si
We designed a way of getting hi-temp solar heat from 100m away to a pool house for hot water and central heating in a one-piece pipe, comprising of stainless steel, 22mm thick insulation, in a water-proof and vermin-proof duct. This is the connecting chamber for the 2 x flows and 2 x returns, each pipe a diameter of 25mm, before it goes into the pool house.

We had to strip down the modulating pump as water had through the factory seal into the electronics and it was tripping out the elecs. Dave, tech geek, put it back together after drying it out with a hairdryer and all is now fine.
We discovered the pump has got more brain cells than its installers and more computing power than first man's spaceship on the moon!

Paul lays his hand on the pipe, which we had waited for weeks - in the end we sent Craig to France to collect it ourselves.
400 metres of 90mm duct.

The Duct with pipe stuffed in it, snakes under the first greenhouse on its way to the second - the 'solar collection' greenhouse.

It was Jamie's job to connect two lengths (50+10m) here to extend to where the kit sat.
To the ASHP/Solar heating hybrid source.

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